Nautica Goods presents handmade objects made of durable and natural ceramics, figurines and vases in the section of the ceramics. You can buy the objects that are ceramic stones related to the sea and maritime from the category of ceramics.

Plate with Sailboat Vignette with Ceramic Stones
Plate with Sailboat Vignette with Ceramic Stones Built Entirely Manually, The Wall Ornament Created With Ceramic Stones On A Porcelain Plate And A Sailboat Figure.... 29,50 EUR
Compass on Ceramic
Compass on Ceramic
Compass on Ceramic Are you one of those who love fine art and craftsmanship? Compass on Ceramic figure that will add a very nice atmosphere to your home, is for you. Compass figures with 2 different color options, are c... 17,70 EUR
Sailing Ship Visual Ceramic Plate Handmade plate made using special paint techniques on porcelain dishes. Porcelain plate with 18 cm diameter, blue painted, motley motif.... 29,50 EUR
Ceramic Sailing Vessel We are going back to time with the Ceramic Sailing Ship. This sailboat, which has the appearance of aged wood, is built entirely on ceramic material. A great design that will decorate the walls of you... 8,85 EUR
Ceramic on Sailboat Ceramic Over Sailboat is the most beautiful form of blue converted into art. These sailboats will give your home an exotic atmosphere. The sailing figures were drawn in full detail on the ceramic mate... 17,70 EUR
Ottoman Navy Soldiers on Ceramics Would you like to take a deep journey into history? Open a door to the dusty pages of history with these navy soldiers drawn on ceramic material. Navy Soldiers on Ceramics Ottoman's unique navy force ... 17,70 EUR
Sailing Ceramic Our sailboat wooden product is carefully prepared to give it to your relatives who are interested in private maritime and ships, or who are interested in all of them, as a gift.... 29,50 EUR
Fish Salt Shaker Produced using high quality ceramic material, Fish Salt Shaker has a design that you will not want to miss from your table. It is a very elegant product with different shades of white and blue. It is ... 10,33 EUR
Ceramic Sailing Fish
Ceramic Sailing Fish Ceramic Sail Fish This meticulous and elaborate fish figure says hello to us with its sailboats drawn on it and its medieval breezes. Crafted with fine and high quality workmanship, this product is a ... 59,00 EUR
Three Fish Cookies If you love to have marine themed products in your kitchen, you should not miss the Fish Cookie Ceramic. You can make perfect presentations with this snack which is the combination of perfect harmony ... 22,13 EUR
Ceramic Fish Sail Plate
Ceramic Fish Sail Plate Handmade, produced by blending aesthetics and special touches, the Ceramic Fish Sailing Table will add a special atmosphere to your home. The fact that it is handmade and produced with your taste in m... 221,25 EUR
Cesme Trinket Çeşme Trinket which is produced by using ceramic material is a product that you can use as decorative. It is a real fountain with both its tap and its view. 11 * 7 cm size product can be used anywhere... 22,13 EUR
Double Sail Patterned Ground Jug Our sailing patterned ground jug product has a look that reminds us of our grandmothers who offer rose water to their guests and takes us to the past at first glance. This fine product that offers cop... 147,50 EUR
Captain Bottle Holder Captain has a great design for trinket lovers. It is 29 cm long and 16 cm wide and looks as if it is lying on its side. It is also a very cute and cute trinket. It is a trinket that you can use easily... 29,50 EUR
Sailing Vase Sailing vessel vase is a product with ceramic structure and embossed patterns. You can use this decorative piece to decorate your living room, or you can use it to give your business a stylish atmosph... 442,50 EUR
Triple Lighthouse Table Ornament If you like different candle holders in your home, Lighthouses Ceramic is one of the most different candle holder designs you can find. There are 2 sets of candle holders, one small and one large. Des... 29,50 EUR
Three Chimney Ashtrays Chimney Ashtrays where the logo of Turkey's maritime business on ceramic products and GM is a sweet set of 2 pieces ashtray and a pencil in the form of a chimney. Products suitable for daily use are o... 59,00 EUR
Triple Ceramic Candle Holder
Triple Ceramic Candle Holder Triple Ceramic Candle Holder Is this sweet sweet triple ceramic candle holder will decorate your homes very nicely. When you light the candles when the darkness of the image that will appear will deco... 88,50 EUR
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