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Desktop decorative objects, ship models, decorative wooden objects, and ceramic modern objects are in Nautica Goods. You can find decorative object models, rare valuable desktop objects in the desktop objects section where you can shop from Nautica Goods.

Wood Dolphin
Wood Dolphin If you want to give a different gift to your loved ones or if you want to get a nice look at your home in your home, Wooden Dolphin is a very accurate choice. Specially made of wood and completely han... 206,50 EUR
Anchor Clock
Anchor Clock Anchor Clock is a stylish table clock that can be easily used on the table. It is a different and original piece with its color, texture and design. While it is a functional product used as a watch, i... 14,75 EUR
Sand Watch
Sand Watch The Hourglass object, which many people love and show great interest in, is made of extremely high quality materials. The product has a length of 11 cm and a diameter of 6 cm.... 59,00 EUR
Pirate Table Lamp
Pirate Table Lamp If you want a decorative lamp with a different and pleasant design in your room, the Pirate Lamp product is for you. The design created with the pirate figure can easily be preferred as a table lamp. The lamp is 10 cm wide and 26 cm long.... 44,25 EUR
925 Sterling Silver Filigree Handwork Tiny Ship Model From the past to the present day telkari is the art of ornament that is specially processed by silver. It is mostly handmade in the Midyat district of Mardin today. Filigree is an art that requires patience and subtlety, which is an eye-catcher.... 73,75 EUR
Ceramic Sailboat Ceramic sailboats, as well as dessert, these sailboats that have lived on it, will add a very nice atmosphere to your home for decor purposes. All sailboats are handmade and prepared with fine workman... 44,25 EUR
Fish Four Candle Holder Fish Candle Holders is a pretty sweet design created by bringing 4 cute fish side by side. These ceramic candle holders are ideal for both you and your loved ones.... 8,85 EUR
Glass Boat Ashtray
Glass Boat Ashtray Glass Boat Ashtray is a product that you can use as decoration product in your home or you can use it as an ashtray in your home. This stylish ashtray prepared in boat design has been combined with th... 29,50 EUR
Turkish Maritime Lines Antique Penholder
Turkish Maritime Lines Antique Penholder If you want a different and unique penholder we suggest Turkey Maritime Organization Inc. It is a vintage pen holder. You can love this design which is a very unique product.... 10,33 EUR
Skull Head Figurines
Skull Head Figurines While dry heads are often eerie, Dry Heads are, by contrast, quite fun-looking. These 7 * 4 cm size figurines are extremely cheerful products that can be used as decorative in homes.... 14,75 EUR
Stone Sailboat
Stone Sailboat You can easily find the traces of difference and aesthetics Stone Sailboat is a very unusual product. It is a special piece that should be included in your collection with its unique quality and untou... 44,25 EUR
Sailing Candle Holder You can use our sailing candle holder decor which brings together rustic furnished houses and sailboats lovers at the same point to decorate any corner of your house.... 29,50 EUR
Anchor Patterned Night Light Lamb Anchor Patterned Night Light is a product not to be missed for lovers of different and special design night light. It has a beautiful appearance with anchor pattern and bird designs on it. The black a... 59,00 EUR
Cesme Trinket Çeşme Trinket which is produced by using ceramic material is a product that you can use as decorative. It is a real fountain with both its tap and its view. 11 * 7 cm size product can be used anywhere... 22,13 EUR
Chinese Style Ship Ornament Chinese Style Ship Ornament is a beautiful ornament that looks like Far East ships in appearance. It has an eye-catching design with the details and Chinese letters on it. It is an effective ornament ... 118,00 EUR
Sea Turtle Weight Object The Sea Turtle Weight Object, which is quite original as a weight object, is particularly fascinating with its color. This tortoise-shaped weight is also a unique product with its glass appearance.... 29,50 EUR
East Asian Ship-like House East Asian Ship-like Home is a home object that can be easily used as decoration product in the areas you want. This product, which resembles East Asian ships in appearance, has an authentic atmospher... 44,25 EUR
Calligraphy Sailing Ship Objects Calligraphy Sailing Ornament Objects are similar objects with two similar size figures. These objects with calligraphy patterns have a very elegant appearance.... 118,00 EUR
Double Sail Patterned Ground Jug Our sailing patterned ground jug product has a look that reminds us of our grandmothers who offer rose water to their guests and takes us to the past at first glance. This fine product that offers cop... 147,50 EUR
Captain Bottle Holder Captain has a great design for trinket lovers. It is 29 cm long and 16 cm wide and looks as if it is lying on its side. It is also a very cute and cute trinket. It is a trinket that you can use easily... 29,50 EUR
Cat and Bear Ornament The two lovely animal figurines on two boats, the Cat and the Bear Ornament, are very cute products. They are very nice accessories that you can easily use in your TV unit or in your library. It is al... 44,25 EUR
Pirate Ornamental Cups Pirate Ornament Cups will make you feel like you are in a pirate movie. These insulated glasses have unique embroidery and figures on them. It is also possible to use easily if you want.... 118,00 EUR
Wind Ships Wind Ships are objects that are connected to a special system and move. These ships, which move when you turn the crown on the side, are especially liked by children.... 29,50 EUR
Turkish Maritime Lines Antique Gas Lamp Turkish Maritime Lines Inc. Vintage Gas Lamp is also a special design product of a special series. It is an extremely impressive product for those who love kerosene lamps.... 885,00 EUR
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