Biggest Shipwrecks in History

Biggest Shipwrecks in History

When it comes to shipping accidents, the first thing that comes to our minds is the Titanic disaster, but unfortunately, some accidents are much bigger and cause much more loss of life than that shipwreck. The gigantic ships that mankind built to challenge the seas, unfortunately, sometimes brought their end in history. The oldest known naval disaster in history dates back to 256 BC. The navy of the Roman Empire was caught in a storm in the Mediterranean and it is estimated that 90 thousand Roman soldiers died in this disaster. In addition to this, many more shipwrecks occurred in history and only shipbreaking products remained from the most famous ships in history.

The Biggest Shipwrecks in World History

Cruise is very enjoyable and at the same time, it makes life easier for people overseas. However, there have been such accidents at sea in history that you may be a little afraid of these voyages when you hear about them. These accidents were mostly accidents with passenger or cruise ships and more lives were lost. Ship accidents that have occurred in history and caused the most loss of life are as follows;

• Wilhelm Gustloff (1945) was recorded as the maritime accident that caused the most loss of life in the history of the world. According to official records, although 5 thousand 348 passengers were declared dead, more than 8 thousand people are thought to have died.

• Goya (1945) was the second biggest maritime accident in history, in which more than 6 thousand people lost their lives.

• Dona Paz (1987) was the third largest shipwreck in the Philippines. According to official records, 4 thousand 375 people lost their lives in this disaster.

Remnants of Marine Accidents While many people think that the world's biggest shipwreck is the Titanic when we look at the number of people who lost their lives in the above sea accident, it is seen that it is more than the Titanic disaster. For those who want to take a cruise, these accidents and deaths may seem scary, but as a footnote, we can say that the two major sea accident disasters were man-made during the war period and were not accidents.