History of Shipbuilding in a Bottle

History of Shipbuilding in a Bottle

Shipbuilding in a bottle doesn't have a very old history. It is an impressive decor item that sailors who went on long voyages in the 1800s found to linger on their journeys. Afterward, it became a tradition and has been carried until today. We would like to talk about the construction of these products, which seem very difficult to make. If you want, you can make this product by learning how to build a ship in a glass bottle.

You can reflect the magical atmosphere of the seas by adding impressive products such as Santa Maria 1492 Ship Model in a Glass Bottle to your decorations.

How is Shipbuilding in a Bottle?

We would like to inform you about how to make a ship model in a bottle and what steps you need to follow when you want to make this product. The process steps you need to follow for shipbuilding in a bottle;

• First of all, you need to start with the right bottle selection. The bottle you choose must have a wide mouth. The longest pole of the ship model you will use as a measurement is wide enough to stand upright in the bottle.

• The vessel to be placed inside the glass bottle is made outside. Its body is in such a way that it can pass through the mouth of the glass bottle.

• Sea is made from play dough inside the bottle. A long stick is used for this.

• Ships are inserted into glass bottles from the backside. Thus, it is ensured that the ships stand more upright in the glass.

• After the ship is inserted, the excess threads are cut with the help of a sharp knife. Afterward, the mouth of the bottle is closed with a stopper and the model is prepared.

Ship Model in a Bottle

If you don't want to deal with modeling sailing ships in glass bottles, you can buy them. Nowadays, it is possible to access these models from anywhere. You can find ship decorative items in glass bottles on nauticagoods.com. These ship models are more beautiful and at the same time, they can be preferred especially as gifts. When you want to buy gift ship models for your loved ones, you can choose models in glass bottles. The history and construction of the ship model in a bottle are generally like this. These products have unique designs that sea lovers will love.