Icon of Istanbul, Historical City Lines Ferry

Icon of Istanbul, Historical City Lines Ferry

City line ferries have a much more distinctive place, especially in important and big cities such as Istanbul. Many city line ferries are very popular in Istanbul. For those who are wondering, we would like to give information about the city line ferries that have become the symbol of Istanbul.

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Famous City Lines Ferries of Istanbul

City line ferries are not only the symbol of a city but also the culture of that city. That's why it's so important. The most important ferries that come to mind when Istanbul city lines are called ferries; Fenerbahçe, Dolmabahçe, and Paşabahçe. Ferries have completed their duty after serving in important districts of Istanbul for many years. Today, the Fenerbahçe ferry is exhibited in the Rahmi M. Koç Museum. The Paşabahçe ferry is expected to be put into service again. We can say that these ferries are the symbols of Istanbul.

The famous city line ferries also have an appearance that fascinates those who see it with their magnificence. For this reason, the mistress of the city lines ferry is among the subjects of interest. City line ferries are 60 meters long, 12 meters deep, and 10 meters wide as standard. This value is usually a standard size and is produced according to these measures.

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Ship Models for Decorations

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City line ferries are the most prominent and culturally important vehicles among sea vehicles. Models of these vehicles should be included in the collection of sea lovers.