Ordu Fatsa Maritime Alumni Association

Ordu Fatsa Maritime Alumni Association

The association aims to keep maritime graduates together and bring them together under the same roof in sectoral terms. Ordu Fatsa Maritime Graduates Association has existed to find a place for the maritime graduates in a professional sense and create a job door for the graduates, as well as identifying and improving the deficiencies in the system among the employees. The short name of the association is ORFADDER. The headquarters of the association is located in Istanbul. The association aims to open branches at home and abroad.

Ordu Fatsa Maritime Alumni Association Objectives

The association was established to achieve various goals. The objectives of the Ordu Fatsa Maritime Alumni Association can be listed as follows:

• To conduct research to fulfill and develop its activities,

• Conducting informational activities such as courses, seminars, conferences, and panels,

• To provide a healthy and regular working environment,

• Supply all kinds of technical tools and equipment needed by its members,

• Obtaining the necessary permissions to carry out fundraising activities,

• Accepting donations to be made from Turkey and abroad for the association,

• To provide the necessary income for the achievement of the goals of the association.

Among the aims of the association is to ensure the unity and solidarity of seafarers. It supports the maritime education schools in Fatsa both financially and morally. It provides scholarship opportunities to maritime students in need.

Ordu Fatsa Maritime Alumni Association Activities

Various activities are organized by the board of directors so that the members of the association can remain in the . Ordu University Fatsa Vocational School also brings together Fatsa Atatürk Vocational and Anatolian Technical High School students with the leading companies of the sector. The purpose of this activity is to keep the sector alive. Meeting people who are good at their jobs with people who will take a new step into the profession gives very positive results. Students' questions are directed to companies. It is possible to obtain the necessary information directly from first hand.

Besides, the association is with its members on important days and weeks. Needy families offer food aid. Ordu Fatsa Maritime Alumni Association cooperates with other public institutions to achieve its goals. For this reason, Turkey is among the members of the Federation of Marines. It does not hesitate to fulfill its duties for the development of the maritime sector.