TCG Piri Reis Submarine History

TCG Piri Reis Submarine History

The TCG Piri Reis Submarine vehicle has been a very important vehicle for our country and has become a vehicle that adds to our strength. This submarine, which was recently launched and the construction of which has been completed recently, has been quite remarkable for those who follow the sea vehicles. The Piri Reis Submarine has already become the most important inventory of the Naval Forces with its many important features and many important details considered during the construction phase. We would like to give you more information about the submarine that landed on March 22, 2021.

What is TCG Piri Reis Submarine History?

Submarine ships have always had an important place for countries. These vehicles, which are the important warships of the countries, naturally mean a serious military power. TCG Piri Reis Submarine was the first submarine whose preparations were started within the scope of the New Type Submarine Project, which was prepared with the awareness of this situation. Extremely important progress has been made regarding the submarine, the construction of which was started on September 28, 2015, by the Gölcük Shipyard Command. The submarine, which was pooled on 22 December 2019, was launched on 22 March 2021.

The submarine, which is planned to be fully put into service in 22, also has many important features. Many technological systems related to the combat management system and information distribution system have been installed on the submarine by HAVELSAN. We can also say that it will be a first with its air-independent propulsion system.

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