Turkish Navy Gabya Class TCG Göksu

Turkish Navy Gabya Class TCG Göksu

There are many important Gabya Class ships within the Turkish Naval Forces. TCG Göksu is one of them and it also has an important place. The ship, which is an American frigate under normal conditions, was delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces on April 3, 2003, as part of the US Security Assistance program. TCG Anadolu ship model, which is among the Gabya class frigates, also attracts a lot of attention. We would like to provide detailed information for those who are interested in such ships and marine vehicles.

Turkish Naval Forces Gabya Class TCG Göksu History

TCG Göksu, one of the Gabya class ships, was ordered on February 27, 1976, and its construction started. This ship, which was ordered for the US Navy, was laid on 2 April 1979 and launched on 3 November. On January 10, 1981, it started to serve. After working for the US Navy for more than 20 years, he was given to the Turkish Navy on April 3, 2003, as part of the Security Assistance Program.

After it was included in the Turkish Navy, its name was changed to Göksu and its Borda number was determined as F-497. Gabya Göksu has been actively used since then. We can easily say that it is a very important part of the Turkish Naval Forces and serves actively.

Gabya Class Ship Models

Ship models are generally very enjoyable products. These models have a stylish appearance and are unique pieces for collectors. If you want to have a hobby in different fields, you can supply these products. Gabya class ships have always attracted attention. Both the appearance of these ships and their effective role in military cooperation made them more valuable and important. Ships belonging to this class are also important for people who collect models of ships. For those who are looking for a Gabya class ship model, we can recommend them to visit www.nauticagoods.com. You can easily find and buy the model of any ship you are looking for. We can say that there are many different ship models, especially the Gabya class ships.