What is a Compass? How to Use Compass in Maritime?

What is a Compass? How to Use Compass in Maritime?

The compass is an extremely important wayfinding tool used in many fields, especially in maritime. It has been used in many fields from past to present. Ship compass is a very important and helpful product, especially for sailors. Thanks to this product, sailors were able to find their way in dark and uncertain waters. Extremely effective and important compasses have remained since those days. T. Cook London 1914 Brass Compass is an example.

What is a Compass?

The compass is an important wayfinding tool that was discovered as a result of noticing the magnet's northward orientation. This feature was first discovered by Chinese sea captains and after that, it started to be used in many fields, especially in maritime. Finding directions with a compass has been very helpful in making geographical discoveries. There are different types of compasses according to different uses and especially the reasons for their discovery. The first known compasses were magnetic ones. Ship compass is very important because it is much more difficult to find direction and way in the seas.

Compasses are products that can also be used for decorative purposes today. We can say that the products can also be preferred as gifts. Especially products such as compass and spirit level are a nice option that people can buy for themselves and their loved ones. If you are looking for a different gift for your loved ones, you can easily choose this type of compass.

How to Use Compass in Maritime?

Navigating with a compass is a lot of work in maritime. As it is known, finding direction in maritime is both more important and more difficult. That's why it's the captains of the ships who find the first compass. A map is also needed for the use of a compass in maritime. First, the map is placed horizontally on horizontal floors in the same way. An imaginary line is drawn between the target location and the current location. Experienced and expert ship captains can easily find their way with a compass this way.

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