What is a Ghost Ship? Ghost Ship Danger in Turkey

What is a Ghost Ship? Ghost Ship Danger in Turkey

The ghost ship is an expression that excites both sailors and those who have an intense passion for the sea. Ghost ships, which have even been the subject of movies, have always aroused curiosity and been interesting. However, in the maritime field, the concept of a ghost ship is used in a very different sense, not for spiritual situations.

What is a ghost ship? Which ships are called ghost ships? Are ghost ships dangerous? Is there a ghost ship danger in Turkey? We would like to inform you about this.

What is a Ghost Ship?

The concept of the ghost ship in maritime is an expression used for ships that have been left unattended or sunk for various reasons. There are also many types of ghost ships in Turkey. They also pose a great danger to the waters in our country. There is a possibility that the ships that are found as derelict or abandoned for various reasons may run aground and cause various accidents accordingly. Therefore, this issue needs attention and attention.

Although ghost ship legends are interesting subjects in movies or myths, ships left in the seas or oceans in real life are very dangerous and inconvenient. There is a possibility that these may cause great harm to nature.

Ghost Ship Danger in Turkey

Our country, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, is home to many sea vehicles. Marine vessels in our seas must have appropriate certificates and must be actively used. Marine vessels that are not actively used should be stored in appropriate marina or warehouse areas. However, in some cases, marine vehicle owners leave their vehicles unattended for various reasons and abandon them. Different types of stray boats are called ghost ships. There are many ghost ships on the shores of our country. These ships adversely affect the sea traffic, the health of sea creatures, and the work of the coastal forces with the many problems they bring.

When ghost ships are left unattended in the open seas, they can cause loss of maritime traffic and property. At the same time, ghost ships on the coastline or in the open sea sometimes experience problems such as fuel tank leaks, causing fatal damage to sea creatures.

Ghost ships also have negative effects on the country's economy. Ships that have been licensed but have not been inspected regularly are avoiding the rules and taxes that sea vehicles must comply with.