What is Ro-Ro Freight?

What is Ro-Ro Freight?

Ro-Ro transportation is a concept that has been heard quite a lot in recent years and also wondered what it is. This service, which is a type of ship transportation, has an important place both in our country and in the world. We would like to inform you about what this service is, which is offered by ships, which are expressed as transport ships, and why it is so important. If you want to get information about this type of transportation, which is also a kind of logistics service, you can follow us.

What is Ro-Ro Transport and How Is It Done?

Ro-Ro transportation, also referred to as ship transportation, is a method used for the transportation of logistics vehicles. Accordingly, logistics vehicles are loaded on specially produced huge ships and overseas distances are traveled in this way. Ro-Ro is an expression used for ships used for this purpose. The emergence of this service or type of transportation was inspired by ships such as ferries and car ferries. As it is known, vehicles can be transported easily on these ships.

Thanks to Ro-Ro transportation, large logistics vehicles can be easily transported from one region to another by sea. Usually, this service is used for commercial purposes. Those who want to transport goods from one country to another with large trucks or transport vehicles can make long and difficult journeys in this way. With this method, container transportation can also be done easily.

Ship Transport Models

Now, models of every commercial or arbitrary ship can be made at the same time. These models, which are the favorite of people who love sea and marine vehicles, have very realistic and really special details. Therefore, it is already among the favorite products of people. Ship models are ideal for those who want to use their favorite ships as decorative in their homes. However, some sea lovers find different models of ships and prepare very special collections.

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