13.8.2021 16:55:00

TCG Piri Reis Submarine History

The TCG Piri Reis Submarine vehicle has been a very important vehicle for our country and has become a vehicle that adds to our strength.

12.8.2021 16:54:00

Biggest Shipwrecks in History

When it comes to shipping accidents, the first thing that comes to our minds is the Titanic disaster, but unfortunately, some accidents are much bigger and cause much more loss of life than that shipwreck.

11.8.2021 16:52:00

What is Ro-Ro Freight?

Ro-Ro transportation is a concept that has been heard quite a lot in recent years and also wondered what it is.

10.8.2021 16:51:06

What is Cabotage Day? Why is it celebrated?

Cabotage holiday is an extremely important date for sailors, which is celebrated on July 1 every year.

9.8.2021 16:49:00

Heybeliada Ship Model, First Expedition to Heybeliada

Heybeliada is an important ship built by the Istanbul Naval Shipyard Command. The ship, which belongs to the Turkish Naval Forces, has been the focus of attention for many people and it has been a matter of curiosity when it will sail for the first time since its construction.

8.8.2021 16:48:00

What Are Ship Type Names?

Ship types are vehicles that are not very clear for many people and are generally referred to as ships.

7.8.2021 16:46:00

How to Use Ship Tracking System?

The ship tracking system is very important for the tracking of actively used ships.

6.8.2021 16:44:00

What is Ship Legacy?

The ship is the name given to the parts of the ships that are no longer used and will not be used again, which are dismantled in the ship dismantling facilities and can be used.

2.8.2021 16:43:00

The 3 Most Expensive Ships in the World with Amazing Prices

The most expensive ships in the world are usually those of military construction. These ships, which are both gigantic, are also quite high priced.

30.7.2021 16:42:00

What is Deadweight?

The expression deadweight is the abbreviation of deadweight and is a unit of weight measurement.

29.7.2021 16:40:00

How Many Meters Is The World's Largest Ship?

When evaluating the ships in the category of the largest ship in the world, we can say that the capacities of these ships are taken into account.

28.7.2021 16:37:00

Famous Mediterranean Cities Visited with Cruise Tours

Mediterranean cities are perhaps the most enjoyable and beautiful places to visit with cruise ships.

27.7.2021 16:33:00

How to Become a Ship Personnel?

The subject of how to become a ship's personnel has been very curious in recent years.

26.7.2021 16:29:00

Characteristics of Dry Cargo Ships Used in Sea Freight

When maritime transport is mentioned, ships with many features may come to mind. There are distinctions such as passengers, containers, or general cargoes on these ships.

24.7.2021 16:27:00

Izmir Cruise Port

Among the tourism types, cruise tourism is among the most contributing to the region.