23.7.2021 16:24:00

Bozcaada Cruise Port

Bozcaada is located close to the Greek islands in the Aegean. It is also on the way to Istanbul.

22.7.2021 10:01:00

Why Sunken Ships Are Not Removed

Sunken ships are frequently encountered in situations in the seas all over the world from past to present.

21.7.2021 09:58:00

A Maritime Tradition: The Captain's Log

One of the most important and valuable items on ships is undoubtedly the captains' logbooks.

20.7.2021 09:56:00

Wooden Barrels to Complement Your Decorations

Wooden barrels are among the most used themes in decoration in recent years. These barrels, which are identified with the ships, are easily used as decorative.

19.7.2021 09:52:00

What is Ghost Network?

As the name suggests, the ghost net is the name given to the nets that are vaguely underwater.

18.7.2021 09:45:00

Curious Occupation: Lighthouse Keeper

One of the most curious professions in the world is the lighthouse. These journeys are different and attractive at the same time.

17.7.2021 12:50:00

At What Age Should You Start Sailing? Curious About Sailing

Sailing is one of the most popular and popular water sports both in our country and in the world.

16.7.2021 12:45:00

Shipwrecks Found in Turkey

Shipwrecks are unfortunately the only remnants of ships that were submerged in deep waters during accidents and wars.

15.7.2021 12:43:00

Turkey's Largest Shipyards

Many famous shipyards can be counted among the largest shipyards in Turkey. It can be mentioned that numerous shipyards in our country are very efficient in terms of volume and operation.

14.7.2021 12:42:00

What is Hourglass? What is the Meaning of Hourglass?

The hourglass is a fairly old timeline. The hourglass was used a lot, especially in the periods when the clocks were not available or could not be reached.

13.7.2021 12:39:00

The World's Most Expensive Luxury Yachts

Luxury yachts have always been on the radar of sea lovers and have attracted their attention.

12.7.2021 12:55:00

Ship Breaking Facilities in the World

Shipbreaking facilities have an important place all over the world. As the ships are no longer used, they are brought to these facilities, and important parts are removed.

11.7.2021 12:41:00

What is a Lifebuoy? What You Need to Know About the Life Buoy

Lifebuoy is one of the tools used to rescue people who fall into the sea or who are stranded at sea as a result of unwanted accidents.

10.7.2021 10:04:00

What is sailing? Sailing Sport in Turkey

Sailing has great importance in maritime with its meaning and function. It is a fabric that has been widely used in shipping from past to present and enables the ship to move with the power of the wind.

9.7.2021 10:00:00

Our Butterfly Style National Swimmer Nida Eliz Üstündağ

We had a pleasant interview with Nida Eliz Üstündağ, our National Swimmer in Butterfly Style, for the readers of the Nautical Goods blog.