15.9.2021 12:17:00

What is Windsurfing? Turkey's Best Windsurfing Spots

Windsurfing is a water sport that is made by using the power of the wind and is extremely fun.

14.9.2021 12:16:00

Legendary Olympic Swimmer: Mark Spitz

Spitz's full name Mark Andrew Spitz is one of the most famous and important swimmers in the world. A legendary swimmer, born in 1950, was born in America. It is the outstanding success he has shown in the Olympics that has made Spitz so popular.

13.9.2021 12:08:00

What is a Marine Course?

The sailor course is an extremely important training that those who want to get a seafarer certificate must attend.

12.9.2021 12:05:00

Athlete with Most Olympic Medals: Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps has the title of a swimmer with the most medals in swimming in the Olympics and sets a good example in this field.

11.9.2021 12:02:00

World Famous Turkish Super Yachts!

Yachts have always been the favorite of sea lovers and attracted attention. Today, yacht production has become unlimited.

10.9.2021 11:59:00

Features of Boat with Crane Used in Sea Transportation

Crane boats used in maritime transportation are important tools that are effective in pulling another boat or removing something from the sea.

9.9.2021 11:56:00

Extraordinary Blue Routes with Cruise Ships

Cruise ship tours are an ideal and beautiful option for those who want to have an amazing experience. Thanks to these tours, you can visit many countries and go to the most beautiful routes.

8.9.2021 11:54:00

A Fascinating Cruise Experience: Virgin Scarlet Lady

Virgin Scarlet Lady is a famous cruise ship and was completed in 2020. We can say that the ship, which was launched with the concept of a cruise ship for adults, is quite luxurious and equipped.

7.9.2021 11:51:00

What is Aqua Jogging?

Aqua Jogging is a new generation water sport and is very useful. A lot of calories are spent in this sport, which can also be considered as running training.

6.9.2021 11:48:00

What is Renovation? Use of Renovation Product in Decorations

The question of what is renovation has been started to be voiced quite a lot in recent years. Especially since it started to be realized in decoration, people have been wondering about this concept and what it means exactly.

5.9.2021 11:44:00

What is Brass Alloy? Why Brass Products Should Be Preferred?

Brass alloy is the name given to the substances obtained from zinc added to copper in general. Brass products appear in many areas of our lives now.

4.9.2021 11:42:00

What are Sailor's Binoculars? How to Use Sailor's Binoculars?

Binoculars are the most used and vital item for sailors. It has not always been easy for sailors to travel safely in dark and dangerous seas. They needed binocular products that would help them on these journeys and allow them to see if there was any danger in front of them.

3.9.2021 11:35:00

What Is the Meaning of Starfish Figure?

The starfish is known as the symbol of perseverance and salvation in the seas. We can say that it has many different meanings.

2.9.2021 15:48:00

The New Giant of Turkish Marine Tourism Blue Sapphire is in Kuşadası!

After the break given to the coronas, Kuşadası Ege Port has built the first cruise ship!

2.9.2021 11:32:00

What is a Mermaid? 3 Different Mermaid Figured Accessories to Complete Your Decorations!

Mermaids are mythological creatures believed to live in the seas. Some sailors in history have records describing mermaids. Many sailors claimed to have seen mermaids. Unfortunately, there is no clear evidence for these creatures.