What are the Ship Directions?

What are the Ship Directions?

Ship directions and positions are not as we use them in our normal life. Different names are used for these positions and directions. Normally, the front or back of the ship is expressed in this way for us, while these expressions are used differently in shipping. Their uses also vary. Sailors need to know these aspects because they come in handy when navigating directions and in other situations. If you want to get information about ships, we would like to give you information about ship directions first.

Why Are Ship Directions Different?

You may be wondering why ship directions are named differently and what is the purpose of it. First of all, it is not known when and how the ship directions got these names. In this case, many people try to know only these aspects. Since the directions are already known by the sailors, there is no problem. If you are also interested in ships and want to learn such interesting information, you can reach more information by following us.

Ship Directions and Names

Ship directions are one of the most important issues in shipping. When the directions are known correctly in shipping, the sailors can act much more easily in possible problems. Ship directions commonly used on ships are as follows;

• Bow: The forward part of the ship is expressed as the bow.

• Stern: It is the name given to the back of the ship.

• Shoulder Brace: Corner parts of the ship are called shoulder pads.

• Starboard: No matter which side of the ship you stand on, the right side is starboard.

• Pier: Again, no matter which side of the ship you stand on, the left side is expressed as the pier.

These aspects generally do not differ between ship types. So no matter what type of ship you are, more or less the same applies.

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