What is Ship Name Application? How to Apply for a Ship Name?

What is Ship Name Application? How to Apply for a Ship Name?

Finding a ship's name and processing it is one of the most important duties of sailors. Every ship must have a name and registration. For this, there are some steps that people have to follow. Since ships are generally known by their names, they have a record just like people. It can be thought of as the license plate logic of vehicles. However, of course, very different rules apply to the names of the ships.

What is a Ship Name Application and Where to Apply?

The ship name application, which is obligatory for all types of ships, is made to determine the names of the ships and then to register them. Ship name application is made directly to Registry Port Authority. There are some important details to consider during this process. If you want to apply for a ship name, we would like to inform you about how to proceed and what to pay attention to.

Rules to be Followed When Choosing a Ship Name

Before applying for a ship name, you should know the points to be considered when applying for ship name. As we mentioned before, these applications are made within certain rules. These rules;

• One of the most basic rules is that the name requested by the person has not been given before.

• Unless there is a situation such as a sale, a request to change the name of the ship cannot be created. In case of a sale, this request must be made within 3 months after the sale.

• After the name requested for the ship is accepted, ship owners or businesses must register it within 2 months. If no action is taken within this period, the given name will be canceled.

• The word requested for the name of the ship must comply with the spelling rules, be written in all capital letters, and not have any punctuation marks.

There are many spelling rules to consider when choosing a ship name. We strongly recommend that you review these rules when searching for sailing ship names or ship names.

Approval of Ship Name Application

Ship name applications made without any difference for ship types or types are sent to the General Directorate of Maritime Trade and an examination is made there. As a result of the examinations made here, suitable ship names are approved. We do not know whether the naming issue would work the same for historical ships or whether they would require an approval process for such transactions. Today, however, the ship name application is made in this way.